Awesome Scrum & Agile Buttons

Awesome Scrum & Agile Buttons

The Liberators
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We know; there is nothing as inherently cool as wearing some fancy buttons. Especially when they contain apt statements and quotes about Scrum and Agile.

Carry around this set of buttons, or just some of them, to remind people what is important in Scrum and Agile. Some buttons contain quotes like "Take It To The Team", "Inspect & Adapt", "Almost Done != Done" and "What's The First Step?". Others embody important values. 

What Superpowers does it release?

Nothing else screams "Superpower" than carrying buttons. 

What does a set contain?

Each set contains 12 different buttons with quotes, statements, and symbols. For you to carry around or to give to others. The small buttons are 38 mm / 1.4 inch. The large buttons are 2.3 inches.