The Liberators Meetup Starter Kit
The Liberators Meetup Starter Kit
The Liberators Meetup Starter Kit
The Liberators Meetup Starter Kit

The Liberators Meetup Starter Kit

The Liberators
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Patrons in our "Liberator"-tier order this kit for free. If you are interested in starting a local community, you may want to join this tier. It gives you access to a global network of experienced Scrum & Liberating Structures practitioners and meetup organizers, and we help you with our feedback, personally.

With this Liberator Meetup Starter Kit, you can start to unleash teams in your organization or region too. Join our growing community of liberators.

How does this help my teams?

Most organizations struggle to work empirically. Teams often face many impediments, from dependencies on other teams to traditional management approaches. It can be super difficult to overcome these impediments on your own.

That is why we believe in the power of gathering with peers. Instead of bringing in expensive consultants and external experts to solve the impediments for you, we believe that the people doing the work are in the best position to drive change. With this kit, you can start doing just that. Use it within your organization, or to bring together people in the area where you live. Design strings of Liberating Structures to let people give and get help, to inspire, and to come up with creative outside-of-the-box solutions.

Learn and grow together!

What do you receive?

  • 1 deck of Liberating Structures Design Cards to design engaging and interactive gatherings to address and overcome the challenges you identify together.
  • 1 hardcover journal to keep notes and prepare strings for your upcoming meetups.
  • 1 Liberator T-shirt in your size on recycled cotton (color may vary from picture, but is blue, yellow or black - depending on our stock)
  • An assorted set of buttons or stickers (may vary from picture).
  • The Scrum Framework Poster on high-quality cotton.
  • We are working on a digital download with 10 tried-and-tested strings of Liberating Structures to inspire your first meetups. When you purchase this kit now, we will make sure you get it when it is ready (in September 2020).