Poster: Fives Types Of Value

Poster: Fives Types Of Value

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The Scrum framework exists to deliver value to stakeholders sooner. Sounds good, right? But when is something “valuable”. For something that seems so central to Scrum, there is little guidance on what “value” means.

How does this help your team?

We designed this model and the associated blog post where we explain it in more detail, to help your team start a conversation around the value of the work on your Product Backlog. By focusing on the value of the work on your Product Backlog, you can prevent Zombie Scrum.

One way to use this canvas is to ask everyone to distribute 100 points across the five types of value for each of the items on your Product Backlog. And to put the rest - or even everything - in the trashcan. This is a great starting point for a conversation with your team and its stakeholders. How does this inform how items should be ordered on your Product Backlog? What is stopping you from removing everything that has 0 (or very low) value?

What do you receive?

  • A large PDF with a canvas, ready for printing and sharing;

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