Our mission is to create data-driven products to unleash the superpowers of (Scrum) teams all over the world. For example, the Scrum Team Survey and TeamMetrics, as well as all the material we offer in our webshop.

We - Barry Overeem and Christiaan Verwijs - carefully design each product to help you create transparency, fuel inspection, and drive adaptation. When you continuously focus on these areas, the superpowers of your team will be unleashed!

About our webshop

We believe that every team around the world benefits from our products. We've seen it happen in our own experiences with hundreds of Scrum Masters, Scrum Teams and other kinds of teams.

We also believe in a personal touch. It is not efficient at all, and won't make us rich, but we handle every order personally. So every personal note is from us,  and we are also responsible for every mistake we make.

Join our mission and unleash more teams

You can help us unleash more teams. For example, you can make other teams aware of our products by sharing your experiences, insights, and pictures online. What was made possible? What uncomfortable truths did you face? What creative adaptations emerged?