Poster: Scrum Framework

Poster: Scrum Framework

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There are many visualizations of the Scrum framework out there. But as experienced Scrum Masters, and Professional Scrum Trainers at, we felt that most of them lack the purpose. So we asked Thea Schukken, and worked closely with the community of Scrum Masters, to create this crystal clear poster.

How does this help your team?

Zombie Scrum often starts when people need clarification on the purpose of the Scrum framework. Although it's easy to focus on the roles, events, and artifacts—the mechanics of Scrum—it is ultimately about shipping fast, involving stakeholders and autonomous teams, and continuously improving to do this more effectively.

What do you receive?

  • A large PDF with the poster, ready for printing and sharing
  • The poster shows the events, roles, and artifacts of the Scrum framework and how they interact
  • The poster starts with the purpose of Scrum and shows how Scrum values, commitments, and empiricism work together to build trust between stakeholders and Scrum teams

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