Poster: Factors That Determine Agile Team Effectiveness

Poster: Factors That Determine Agile Team Effectiveness

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This poster offers a nice, visual overview of the core factors from our scientific investigation into what makes Agile & Scrum teams effective. The illustration is a great starting point for evidence-based conversations about where teams can be supported more effectively. The illustration was created by Thea Schukken.

How does this help your team? 

Do you want to make your Agile & Scrum teams more effective? With this colorful poster, we help you bring an evidence-based perspective to the conversation. This poster summarizes the 5 core success factors and 23 sub-factors for effective teams that we found in our scientific study of over 2,000 Scrum teams, together with Professor Daniel Russo from the University of Aalborg.

We've found this poster super helpful when we talk with teams about what could make them more effective. The poster naturally guides teams to address those issues that are most likely to actually matter. 

    What do you receive?

    A large high-resolution poster with an overview of all the factors that determine Agile team effectiveness.

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