Poster: How To Get Started With Columinity?

Poster: How To Get Started With Columinity?

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An illustration can be a powerful instrument to help people learn. This illustration is a nice example. It shows you how to get started with our tool "Columinity". 

How does this help your team?

Based on the latest scientific research, Columinity is a pioneering tool to help teams improve where it matters most. It's your evidence-based companion for continuous improvement. Highlighting performance patterns on multiple levels and illuminating how to move forward.

We defined 5 steps to get the most out of Columinity: 

  1. Study the research
  2. Explore the principles
  3. Facilitate a kickoff
  4. Inspect the results
  5. Develop strategies

For each step, we developed a DIY workshop with more details. The workshops can be downloaded via the Columinity interface, this requires an Enterprise subscription. 

    What do you receive?

    A high-resolution poster ready for printing and sharing. 

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