Poster: Zombie Scrum First Aid
Poster: Zombie Scrum First Aid

Poster: Zombie Scrum First Aid

Zombie Scrum Resistance
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Zombie Scrum is on the rise! What may look like Scrum from a distance often turns out to be anything but when you take a closer look. Although teams go through the motions of Scrum, Sprints don't result in valuable outcomes, customers are not involved, teams have little autonomy and nobody is doing anything to improve.

How does this help your team?

The first response to Zombie Scrum might be to panic, run around, and hide below your desk. That doesn't usually work. So for our book the Zombie Scrum Survival Guide, we created a simple poster that tells you exactly what to do, in clear and simple language.

Decorate your team room, training space, or bedroom (we certainly did) with this poster. It tells you exactly what you need to do when you are confronted with Zombie Scrum. 

What do you receive?

  • A full-color PDF that you can print or distribute within your organization

What options do we offer?

Option 1: a free digital version of the poster
Option 2: a paid physical poster printed on canvas/cotton

  • The size of the poster is A1 format (84x59cm or 46x23 inch)
  • The poster is printed on canvas/cotton fiber. It's super strong & flexible. It can be used many times without losing quality, and easily folded into a small package to bring to your gatherings. 
  • The physical poster automatically includes the digital version

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