40 Seconds of Scrum
40 Seconds of Scrum

40 Seconds of Scrum

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In 40 Seconds of Scrum, two teams compete against each by trying to guess as many terms from a card. One member of each team gets 40 seconds to try to explain the concepts on the card without mentioning them directly, while their team races to give the correct answers.

Who should play this exercise?

This exercise is an excellent learning aid for Scrum Masters, trainers, Agile Coaches and Scrum Teams.

What Superpowers does it release?

This game is all about teaching concepts related to Scrum & Agile in a light-hearted, fun manner. 40 Seconds of Scrum contains many terms that are designed to spark conversation and exploration. We love to play a round after the Daily Scrum.

What does a set contain?

  • 22 cards, each containing 5 concepts related to Scrum & Agile
  • 1 card with a description of the game

Cards are printed on strong, coated cardboard with rounded corners and are printed full-colour on both sides. The cards are 21x15 cm.