The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)
The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)
The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)
The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)
The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)
The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)

The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (Preorder)

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We start shipping orders starting from the second week of December, when the publisher starts sending out batches of physical books to vendors.

Zombie Scrum is on the rise! What may look like Scrum from a distance often turns out to be anything but when you take a closer look. Although teams go through the motions of Scrum, Sprints don't result in valuable outcomes, customers are not involved, teams have little autonomy and nobody is doing anything to improve.

A detailed examination of Zombie Scrum

In our book, we share our research and experience in the field with Zombie Scrum. We explore symptoms and causes and dig deep into why Zombie Scrum usually starts when the purpose of Scrum isn't clear. With our book, the purpose of Scrum gets crystal clear! 

Start your recovery today

The good news is that recovery is entirely possible. Our book contains over 40 practical experiments to start recovery, even when your organization has succumbed to it completely.

An excellent companion to the 2020 Scrum Guide

Our book emphasizes the same points that drove the changes in the new Scrum Guide, which makes our book an excellent companion. 

Why would I preorder?

By preordering, you guarantee that you're first in line when we start fulfilling orders from November 23 and onward. It's also very helpful for us to know how many copies to order, and for the publisher to know how many to print for the first batch. Because first editions are limited in size, the publisher may run out of copies. In that case, they will print a second edition and resupply retailers in December (hopefully earlier).

What do you receive?

  • We offer the book at retail price, and it includes unique extras you don't get anywhere else;
  • 320 pages filled with insights and real experiences of Zombie Scrum and Professional Scrum;
  • Included in the book are 40+ practical experiments to start recovering from Zombie Scrum tomorrow;
  • A collection of Zombie Scrum stickers;
  • A special code for a free digital first-aid kit is included with the book. This kit includes all the illustrations from the book, as well as digital versions of the materials in the physical first-aid kit;
  • The plus edition includes a copy of the physical first aid kit. This kit contains additional exercises and materials to help your team recover from Zombie Scrum.
  • The survival edition includes a signed copy of the book, a copy of the physical first aid kitand a personal video from one of the authors to encourage you and your team.