Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals
Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals
Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals
Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals

Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals

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Save valuable time with our do-it-yourself workshops. Each workshop contains a fully prepared string of Liberating Structures to help your team use Scrum more effectively. People who support our mission through can download all digital content for free. This benefit starts from $5 USD/month.

How does this help your team?

Shared goals are very important in Scrum. But although almost everyone agrees with that, few teams actually do it. Why is that?

For Scrum teams that don't have a Sprint Goal, each Sprint feels the same: just finish all the items on the Sprint Backlog. They struggle to make decisions about what's important, and everyone tries to look busy and finish as much work as possible. Scrum events become meaningless, and because there's no focus on delivering value, the Sprint Review, in particular, becomes obsolete. Why should you invite your stakeholders if you have no idea a Sprint was successful?

A Scrum team that doesn't use a Sprint Goal will experience something else as well: they don't work as a team. It's only a bunch of individuals sharing the same (virtual) space, but there's no coherence, no collaboration around a shared purpose, and no sense of direction.

To make the importance of the Sprint Goal clear, it's easy to dictate the Scrum Guide. The term "goal" is one of the most emphasized concepts. Yet we believe it's more powerful to let your team discover this by themselves. That's the intention of this do-it-yourself workshop, which contains the Liberating Structures TRIZ, Discovery & Action Dialogue, and 15% Solutions.

Give it a try and let us know how it went!

How does it work?

The PDF outlines a detailed tried-and-tested 120-minute workshop that relies on Liberating Structures to engage and unleash your team. The string is designed with virtual gatherings in mind and includes:

  • TRIZ
  • Discovery & Action Dialogue
  • 15% Solutions

The string is optimized for groups of any size beyond 4+ participants.

What do you receive?

  • A 15-page full-color PDF.
  • We take you through the flow of the string in great detail. Not only do we explain all the steps involved, but we also explain why they are happening. This should make it easier to design your own strings in the future.
  • The instructions support all virtual collaboration tools where you can create breakouts or separate channels occasionally (such as Zoom, GotoWebinar, and Teams). You can set up an additional virtual whiteboard in a tool like Mural, Google Slides, or Miro if you prefer.
  • The PDF outlines additional resources and useful reading, both to prepare and to distribute afterward.

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