Information about shipping

Shipping to the UK?

We're super sorry, but we stopped most of our shipments to the UK due to Brexit.

Since then, the process of shipping goods to the UK has become so arduous that it started costing us more money than it generated. One reason for this was the mystifyingly random way in which import fees are applied by HMRC. This led to nasty surprises for some UK-based customers who - understandably - rejected packages at the door.

Second, the administrative and fiscal burden imposed since Brexit is such that we need to register as a business in the UK and hire a UK-based accountant to handle our taxes. Other countries impose similar requirements when a certain import threshold is reached (i.e. 100.000 pounds/year) that warrant such expenses. Unfortunately, the UK requires it for all import volumes which is unfeasible for small webshops like ours.

One thing that might work

At lot of UK-based customers have had success by shipping the order to relatives outside the UK, like Ireland or France, that then forward it. Or its a good excuse to visit those relatives. Its totally bonkers, but it does work.

One exception

We can ship orders to UK-based business, provided that the order total exceeds 150 pounds. Do note that import fees may still be charged. In that case, taxes are paid by the receiving company. If you're interested in this approach, please contact us directly at

Shipping to the Russian Federation?

We don't ship to the Russian Federation because of its illegal war with the sovereign nation of Ukraine.