Poster: Improvement Canvas

Poster: Improvement Canvas

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Whenever we work with teams, organizations, and public communities, we use a wide variety of supporting material. For example, illustrations and posters. An illustration can be a powerful instrument to help people learn. In the past years, we created many of them together with Thea Schukken. This illustration is a nice example.

How does this help your team?

It's easy to have big ideas for the future. But where do you start today to make that possible? The "Improvement Canvas" is a great way to help teams and individuals think about their big goals and the first steps they can take to get there.

You can either use the canvas together and fill it in incrementally. Or people enter it individually. You can use Liberating Structures like 1-2-4-ALLImpromptu Networking, or Conversation Cafe to avoid disengaging group conversations for each of the quadrants.

What do you receive?

A high-resolution poster ready for printing and sharing. 

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