Quickstart To Improve Team Effectiveness
Quickstart To Improve Team Effectiveness
Quickstart To Improve Team Effectiveness

Quickstart To Improve Team Effectiveness

The Liberators
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How does this help your team?

Team effectiveness is the ultimate indicator of how successful your team is. It shows how valuable working with Scrum for your team is, if the stakeholders are happy and if people enjoy working empirically. It also makes visible if the team is creating value for the broader organization and its stakeholders.

So what can you do when team effectiveness is low? We share three short formats that easily fit inside a Sprint Retrospective. Their purpose is to start a dialogue in your team and begin improvement. The formats are based on the Liberating Structures "Conversation Cafe", "Troika Consulting", and "Discovery & Action Dialogue".

So pick the one that you think will work best and take it away!

How does it work?

The PDF outlines three 60-minute workshops that rely on Liberating Structures to engage and unleash your team. They are designed with virtual teams in mind and include:

  • Conversation Cafe
  • Troika Consulting
  • Discovery & Action Dialogue

This workshop is suitable with one or multiple Scrum teams. 

What do you receive?

  • A 9-page full-color facilitation guide (PDF);
  • Suggestions for small and actionable improvements that are useful when you feel stuck;
  • A selection of more extensive do-it-yourself workshops;
  • Instructions that support all virtual collaboration tools where you can create breakouts or separate channels occasionally;
  • Additional resources and useful reading, both to prepare and to distribute afterward.