Management in Scrum Exercise
Management in Scrum Exercise
Management in Scrum Exercise

Management in Scrum Exercise

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What does it mean to say a Scrum Team is 'self-organizing'? What does management look like in the context of the Scrum Framework? Do we still need 'managers'? The Management in Scrum Exercise is all about creating transparency in what is being managed in the Scrum Framework and by whom.

Who should play this exercise?

This exercise is an excellent learning aid for Scrum Masters, trainers, Agile Coaches and Scrum Teams. Use it to explore how management is an integral part of Scrum, how this is often different in 'real life', what common limitations are to the Product Owner role and what a Scrum Master can do to remove them.

What Superpowers does it release?

Scrum relies on self-organizing teams to continuously discover the best way to work in a complex environment. Many organizations struggle with this and - purposefully or accidentally - impede self-organization. This exercise makes very transparent what these impediments look like.

What does a set contain?

  • 5 cards with roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team, Project Manager and Line Manager)
  • 29 cards with activities that need to be managed or taken care of one of the roles

Cards are printed on strong, coated cardboard with rounded corners and are printed full-colour on both sides. The cards are 21x15 cm.