Poster: 10 Options To Start With Scrum

Poster: 10 Options To Start With Scrum

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This poster shows how the various ways of getting into a swimming pool are similar to how teams and organizations start with Scrum. The illustration is created by Thea Schukken.

In the blog post "10 Options To Start With Scrum", we share our view on the similarities between getting into a swimming pool and how to start with Scrum. Although it’s intended as a not-too-serious article, it's definitely based on real-life experiences. Some are personal experiences, others are examples of teams we closely collaborated with. There’s no ideal option to start with Scrum. The best approach is always contextual and different for each team.

How does this help your team?

Use the poster as a conversation starter. What approaches do you or your team members recognize? What happened because of that? Given your current knowledge and experience, what option would you recommend for new teams? What other options do you see to get into the pool? Enough opportunities to start a valuable conversation! 

    What do you receive?

    • A large high-resolution poster ready to print and share
    • A set of separate cards with 10 options to start with Scrum

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