100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams
100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams
100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams
100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams
100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams

100+ Quick Tips for Scrum Teams

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Scrum impacts the entire organization. To unlock your Scrum team's superpowers, improvements are necessary within and especially around teams. We created the "Quick Tips for Scrum teams" to trigger big change by starting small.

How does this help my team?

In this deck, you find a broad collection of potential 15% Solutions - or Quick Tips - that helped us. A 15% Solution is any first step that you can take without approval or resources from others and that lies entirely within your autonomy to act. They are not the ultimate solution, but they build momentum. And many 15% Solutions together amount to big changes.

When to use Quick Tips?

  • Combine these Quick Tips together with Liberating Structures like “Ecocycle Planning” or “Panarchy”. Draw inspiration from the tips we’ve included to help your Scrum team get unstuck, and use Scrum more effectively.
  • Include the Quick Tips in your Daily Scrum. Help your team make progress in achieving the Sprint Goal, by using the Quick Tips as actionable improvements. 
  • Discuss the state of your team during the Sprint Retrospective, and select at least one improvement from the card deck;
  • Diagnose your team with the Scrum Team Survey, inspect the results together, and identify improvements with the Quick Tips included in this card deck.
What do you receive?
  • A card deck with 102 Quick Tips to improve your Scrum Team. We categorized them into the factors you also find in the Scrum Team Survey
  • Digital Poster: What Makes Scrum Teams Effective? This poster offers a nice, visual overview of the core findings from our scientific investigation into what makes Scrum teams effective. 
  • Digital Poster: Factors That Determine Scrum Team Effectiveness. This poster offers an overview of all the 20+ factors that determine a Scrum team's effectiveness. 
  • A facilitation guide. You receive a 16-page PDF that describes how to use the Quick Tips. It also includes some optional additional exercises that are part of the product kit "Unleash Scrum In Your Organization".

    Also for virtual teams!

    You can also use this with your virtual team. In addition to the physical deck, you also receive a free digital download with detailed instructions for how to run the exercises virtually. This also includes all the cards as separate images (Jpg), ready for upload in your collaboration tool of choice.

    About the material

    We hope to liberate our planet from waste too, so our material is printed on 100% wood-free, recycled paper, and inked with ecological paint.

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