Scrum Mythbusters
Scrum Mythbusters
Scrum Mythbusters
Scrum Mythbusters
Scrum Mythbusters
Scrum Mythbusters

Scrum Mythbusters

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Test your team's knowledge of the Scrum framework with this deck of 38 'Scrum Mythbusters'-cards. Each card contains a statement about the Scrum framework that is either true or false - inspired by our ongoing blog series of 'Scrum Mythbusters'.

How does this help your team?

It's one thing to understand the mechanics of the Scrum framework. It's another to develop a deep understanding of how these mechanics work and what principles and values drive them. Do Scrum teams commit to the Sprint Backlog or Sprint Goal? What may seem like a trivial difference a first, is actually a fundamental insight into how we can navigate complex work effectively.

We developed "Scrum Mythbusters" to create transparency around the purpose, principles, and values of the Scrum framework. When your team struggles with most of the statements, you can inspect by refreshing the purpose of the Scrum framework together. You may also discover that the way your team uses Scrum is not as lightweight as it could be.

We created this exercise for the Professional Scrum Master II Class by and offer it here with their permission. The class is a great way to learn more about the roles and their responsibilities. If you haven't attended this class, make sure to do so! 

What do you receive?

  • 38 cards with statements
  • 4 red cards with 'Myth', 4 green cards with 'Fact'
  • 3 empty cards to include your own statements
  • 1 card with a description of the 'Scrum Mythbusters'-game
  • The cards are 15x10.7 cm.
  • The physical version doesn't contain the answers. This is a request from the community. The physical version does also include a digital file. This includes two versions of Scrum Mythbusters: one with the answers and one without the answers. 
  • If you order the digital version only, this also includes two versions of Scrum Mythbusters:  one with the answers and one without the answers.
  • Regardless of which version you use, the conversation remains more important than the actual answer. If you want to learn more about the topics, check our ongoing series of Scrum Mythbusters and the Scrum Guide to help you in the right direction.
We hope to liberate our planet from waste too, so our material is printed on 100% wood-free, recycled paper, and inked with ecological paint.

    Also for virtual teams!

    You can also use this with your virtual team. In addition to the physical deck, you also receive a free digital download with detailed instructions (8 pages) for how to run this exercise virtually. This also includes all the cards as separate images (Jpg), ready for upload in your collaboration tool of choice.

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