Scrum Mythbusters Game
Scrum Mythbusters Game
Scrum Mythbusters Game

Scrum Mythbusters Game

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Note: Due to licensing restrictions, we can only ship this product to people that have participated in an official Professional Scrum Master II-class by, or are a trainer for

Test your knowledge of the Scrum Framework with this deck of 22 'Scrum Mythbusters'-cards. Each card contains a statement about the Scrum Framework that is either true or false - inspired by our ongoing blog series of 'Scrum Mythbusters'.

Who should play this exercise?

This exercise is an excellent learning aid for Scrum Masters, trainers, Agile Coaches and Scrum Teams.

What Superpowers does it release?

Uncover misunderstandings of the principles & values behind the Scrum Framework and work together to correct them, and get more out of Scrum as a result.

What does a set contain?

  • 22 cards with statements
  • 1 card with 'Myth'
  • 1 card with 'Fact'
  • 1 card with a description of the 'Scrum Mythbusters'-game. 

Cards are printed on strong, coated cardboard with rounded corners and are printed full-colour on both sides. The cards are 6x4 cm.

P.s: for an extra challenge, we have not included the correct answers. But we're sure you'll figure them out by reading the Scrum Guide again when in doubt. Or check out our ongoing blog series of 'Scrum Mythbusters'.