Poster: Stakeholder Map
Poster: Stakeholder Map

Poster: Stakeholder Map

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Scrum Teams exist to deliver value to its stakeholders. It's a bit of platitude, right? What is value? And who are the stakeholders? In this post, I share a practice called a “Stakeholder Map”. It's designed to create transparency around who your stakeholders are, and how to most effectively involve them to determine what is valuable.

How does this help your team?

Scrum Teams need good stakeholders to help them identify what is valuable, what people need, and what the best way is to spend their time and budget to fulfill those needs.

We often create a “Stakeholder Map” with teams. Although it is a simplified version of reality, the map creates focus and triggers powerful conversations within Scrum Teams.

What do you receive?

  • A large PDF with the poster, ready for printing and sharing;
  • The poster shows the events, roles, and artifacts of the Scrum Framework and how they interact;
  • The poster starts with the purpose of Scrum and shows how the Scrum Values and Empiricism work together to build trust between stakeholders and Scrum Teams;

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