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Canvas: Conversation Cafe (PDF)
Canvas: Conversation Cafe (PDF)

Canvas: Conversation Cafe (PDF)

The Liberators
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How often do you take the time to really listen to others in your group or team? Do group conversations often make you nervous because you're constantly looking for a moment to interject something?

How does this help your team?

The Liberating Structure "Conversation Café" is designed to encourage people to listen and understand each other’s perspectives on a profound, shared challenge instead. Instead of trying to convince or other or reach a shared decision, "Conversation Café" creates safety for everyone to share their perspective.

If you're interested in creating psychological safety in your team, "Conversation Café" is one of the first things we'd recommend. We created this poster to outline the steps and the work agreements.

What do you receive?

  • A large PDF with the flow and the agreements for Conversation Café, ready for printing and sharing;

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