Poster: Ecocycle Planning

Poster: Ecocycle Planning

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Whenever we use Liberating Structures in teams, organizations, or a public community, we also use a wide variety of supporting material. For example, illustrations and posters. An illustration can be a powerful instrument to help people learn. In the past years, we created many of them together with Thea Schukken. This illustration is a nice example.

How does this help your team?

How often have you found yourself juggling too many balls? You may start dropping things left and right in a frantic effort to keep everything in the air. You will also find yourself unable to pick up new balls as it will only add stress and chaos. This may happen to you personally. Or in your team. Or in your entire organization.

The Liberating Structure Ecocycle Planning is about exploring what it is that you’re keeping in the air (but shouldn’t), and what it is that you aren’t (but should). You can do this individually or with a group of people. It's a great way to re-orient your team towards the work that matters and to creatively destroy the work that doesn't.

What do you receive?

A high-resolution poster ready for printing and sharing.

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