The Zombie Scrum First Aid Kit

Thank you for buying our book, "The Zombie Scrum Survival Guide". We are grateful to have you as a member of the resistance. Together, we can put a stop to Zombie Scrum; something that  looks like Scrum from a distance, but lacks the beating heart.

When we wrote the book, we also wanted to offer you a number of materials that you can put to use right away. This is what became this "First Aid Kit". 

Christiaan, Johannes & Barry
The Zombie Scrum Resistance

Download the kit

Get your free digital Zombie Scrum First Aid Kit here

To get a 100% discount on this digital kit, go to chapter 11 of our book. The final word in this chapter (on page 238 in the hard copy edition), is the code to get a 100% discount. Place the order, use the code, and start fighting Zombie Scrum! 

You can also order a physical kit here that contains physical versions of the materials. Because you purchased the book, you receive a 20% discount. The code is in the back of the book. We ship globally.

What's In The Kit?

This digital Zombie Scrum First Aid Kit includes several materials from the book. We hope that they will help you and your team on your path towards recovery. The kit includes:

  • The "Ecocycle for Scrum Teams"-exercise can be used to diagnose where your team is between Professional Scrum and Zombie Scrum. The instructions are included in the exercise. You can also use some of the cards for the experiment "Map Your Product Backlog on an Ecocycle" in Chapter 6.
  • The "Powerful Questions"-exercise contains a collection of the powerful questions we refer to in various chapters of the book. You can use them with your team to spur on double-loop learning.
  • The "15% Solutions"-exercise provides a simple template (on page 3) that you can use to capture the 15% Solutions that we use throughout the book.
  • The beautiful illustrations that Thea Schukken created for our book. You are free to use them as you see fit within your team or organization. All images are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.
  • A First Aid Kit Poster that you can print and put in your team room.
  • A set of additional experiments that didn't make the final cut for the book, but are still super useful.