Poster: Liberating Structures vs Conventional Structures

Poster: Liberating Structures vs Conventional Structures

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Whenever we use Liberating Structures in teams, organizations, or a public community, we also use a wide variety of supporting material. For example, illustrations and posters. An illustration can be a powerful instrument to help people learn. In the past years, we created many of them together with Thea Schukken. This illustration is a nice example. 

How does this help your team?

How do you explain why Liberating Structures are so much more effective than the conventional structures we use to make decisions? Like the "presentation", the "status meeting" or the "brainstorm"? 

We asked our illustrator Thea Schukken to create this neat visualization to help groups understand Liberating Structures and why they are so much more effective than conventional structures. The visualization was first created by Nancy White. We've found it very helpful for Liberating Structures workshops and community gatherings.

What do you receive?

A high-resolution poster ready for printing and sharing. 

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