Poster: Purpose-to-Practice
Poster: Purpose-to-Practice

Poster: Purpose-to-Practice

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How often do initiatives in your team, community, or organization grind to a halt? Often, people don't have time, nobody joins the initiative or the purpose isn't clear.

How does this help your team?

The Liberating Structure ‘Purpose-to-Practice’ (P2P) is a great start for every initiative. For example, a team kickoff, a new project, or the start of a new user group. Each of these initiatives will increase their chance of success by having a shared purpose.

The first step of P2P is to define this purpose together. From there, P2P covers other essential elements— principles, participants, structure, and practices — designed to help achieve that purpose. Because everyone is involved in defining these essential elements, you ensure a shared understanding and encourage self-organization.

What do you receive?

A ZIP file with a worksheet, a poster with examples of LS to use, and all parts as separate images. 

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